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    Brain Trust Team
We work with some of the best brains in the business — great people with terrific talents, skills, experience, and methods. Each of them specializes in areas critical to successful business growth. We have worked together for many years, ensuring that our clients are being presented with top notch — and trusted advisor — resources.

Brain Trust Members    
Judy Corner
Rapid Skill Development and Mentoring

Judy brings a very effective combination of hands-on personal warmth and rigorous methods to her clients who need to improve employee dynamics for competitive advantage. She is a specialist in human resource systems and integrated processes and programs that drive skill development and learning throughout organizations. Her special expertise includes Job/Skill Analysis, Skill/Competency Assessments, Learning Plans, and she is the developer of a multi-focused Mentoring Process. Judy is a thought-leader in Mentoring and has designed and delivered Mentoring Workshops, Mentor and Mentee Training, a complete Mentoring Process product in both Handbook and online versions, and published various articles on the subject. She is an often-requested guest speaker at many national conferences.
  Learn more about Judy and her business at www.cornerstone-consults.com.
Jack Hilty
Business Process Management and Complex Project Management

Jack’s forte is educating, advising, and supporting organizations that are rapidly moving into Web Services and Service-Oriented Architecture. He helps senior business management and IT professionals learn about and apply the changes necessary to implement new enterprise-wide systems based on innovative technology.  Jack is an adjunct professor at Northwestern University where is courses are part of the core curriculum.
  Learn more about Jack and his business at www.sentientpoint.com.
Danielle Stotts
Public Relations

With more than a decade of comprehensive public relations, event planning and brand development expertise, Danielle is an accomplished PR professional. She has successfully placed clients in America's most high profile and prestigious media, from The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, to NBC's Today Show. She has also managed a number of national events and brand launches. Danielle is focused on implementing PR strategies, creating unforgettable events and garnering coveted media attention for her clients. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in public relations, and began her career with an award winning PR firm servicing real estate, hospitality, technology and consumer goods clients.
  Learn more about Danielle and her business at www.ollopr.com
Tom Caprel,
Executive coaching and Organizational Development

Tom Caprel increases the effectiveness and enhances the lives of CEOs, managers and teams. His 15 years of training in transformational work offers clients the ability to generate successful business results, decisions and leaders. An entrepreneur for more than 25 years, he has developed a passion for the leading trends in organizational and leadership development. He has been an executive coach and mentor for more than a decade, and has worked with clients in insurance, technology, marketing and communications, investment banking, service firms, and many others.
  Learn more about Tom and his business at