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Business and Marketing Strategy

Understanding the unique needs of a Service Business, we work with the owner and leadership team to grow both revenue and profitability.

Solid strategy is a core requirement. Before we can ramp up revenues, it’s essential to consider key questions such as what are your plans for growth i.e., rate of growth, readiness, resources, etc. And, what is the best target/niche, service and/or service mix, differentiation, partners, and go-to-market appeal? What about competition, resource constraints and market conditions? Long story made short, planning leads to successful outcomes. We make strategy planning fast and effective.

Service Development and Branding

We like to keep things simple. As the ultimate pragmatists, we invest a good deal of time in helping clients to focus on our mantra for profitable growth: “Make it easier to buy, faster to sell, and predictable to deliver.” A simple idea, indeed, but not easily done. Branding is one of the tools we employ to help with the heavy lifting. From concept to implementation, our services include design, naming, packaging and promotion. We’ll even share our “insider tip” about a fast and frugal approach to legally protecting your newly branded service asset.

Thought Leadership

Let’s be candid. Our clients are typically not the dominant power player in their industry. Competition is fierce. Resources are limited. (Sound like real life?) Despite the obstacles, we know exactly how to help our clients break through and reach their clients, prospects, colleagues, and partners on a regular basis. We help them to identify and leverage their “know-how”, experience and intellectual capital to greatest advantage. From development to packaging and promotion—our service addresses the full spectrum of needs.

Client Base Research

We call it Market Voices. It is a proven, proprietary method to quickly, and comprehensively get the true picture of how your business—and potential new services—are viewed by key customers and other important stakeholders, such as business partners, who are critical to your success. More than a “report card” about today, you receive intelligence that is a strong predictor of the future. This service saves our clients considerable time and dollars when it comes to developing and launching new services. If your clients, partners and key stakeholders are enthusiastic and aligned, success is achievable—but do you really know?

PR-Litesm is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who need media exposure but who are not yet ready for a full-time PR agency relationship. It is a highly focused service that is best implemented as part of an integrated program to introduce new services and/or aggressively pursue new business. Learn more from our PR-Litesm Executive Overview.


    Build Momentum

> Ramp Revenue

Our Client Says ...

“Marketplace Partners has helped us to develop and effectively brand our services. Their ability to identify and package what we do in a way that makes our services easier to understand and promote creates strong value. They are a trusted partner for our business.”

Jay Medlin
Medlin Communications, Inc.
Our Point of View

We strongly advocate viewing your services through the eyes of your buyers (and prospects) at all times. Their viewpoint is more important than your own–at least it is if you want their business, respect and loyalty. We are experts at helping you to get their point of view and then to act on it in the most effective way

We encourage clients to pursue market-driven decisions. With our help, your business can quickly be on the way to important progress in delivering differentiated services, jump-starting sales and ramping revenues.







PR-Litesm Executive Overview