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This successful company has excelled in delivering services in a way that has its clients raving about their quality and responsiveness. The business owners are talented entrepreneurs committed to consistent profitable growth.

Working together, we have introduced two new client-pleasing services to help achieve their business goals.

The Medlin Movesm
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The Compleat Movesm
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Review their website and learn why clients like Staples, Follett and The Second City love Medlin!

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Our Clients: A Representative Overview

We think bragging about your business is a healthy all-American pastime. We like to do it just as much as the next guy. A sample list of clients we have worked with, cared about, and produced results for includes:

Akoya Capital


Wiseman Consulting & Training

Carlyle Group

Medlin Communications, Inc.


Keegan, Laterza, Lofgren & Gleason, LLC

Clarity Communications Systems, Inc.


IT Lighthouse


RAJ Associates


ICS Advantage

Man Securities

Pinpoint Data Solutions

Greenbrier & Russel (now Fujitsu)

Cornerstone Consulting

Cumberland Group/Flow Works

Initiate Systems


teksoft ventures, Inc.

Integrated Software Solutions, Inc.

Zethcon Corporation

InfoPower Systems

TM Floyd & Company


Ameritech/SBC (now AT&T)

Geneer, Inc.

Man Financial

ROS, Inc.



Denniston Consulting

Cornerstone Solutions LLC

Darc Corporation