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Welcome to Marketplace Partners–a results-driven, no-nonsense consulting and marketing services firm.

We specialize in working with business, professional and technology service firms to achieve their full growth and profit potential. We understand B2B services businesses – they are quite different than product companies – and they require strategy and execution specifically suited to their unique needs.

We have been delivering “the goods” for our clients for more than a decade. We have paid our dues, streamlined our business and developed high-impact partnerships and proven services; we are well prepared to help make your business better.   

Our Ideal Client

If you are partial to being fawned over, like very fancy presentations, expensive lunches, and expect the ambience of big overhead, we are not for you. If you are looking for a strong partnership with a team of pragmatists and you dislike wasting time and money — just like we do — you are in the right place!

Working with our Core Team, using the specialized experts on our Brain Trust Team, and taking advantage of our services, we’ll have you on the road to more growth — and profitable results — faster than any other available means.  That’s what we do.

There are few professionals who have as much experience as we do with service businesses. While we have yet to discover any magic formulas, we have learned what kind of practical strategies and tactics are effective in accelerating measurable results.

Our Proven Services

We help clients to prepare to sell more, sell better, improve profitability, and drive growth. We develop the best ways for clients to create market awareness and differentiation, generate leads, get new business, and manage for optimal results. Our services range from strategy to tactical projects such as web development, services development, thought leadership development and effective marketing and sales programs – all customized to precise requirements.



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Our Client Says ...

“We like the teamwork with Marketplace Partners. They are helping us to build a strong results oriented sales and marketing capacity. We find them creative and responsive and they think and act like a real partner.”

Tom Mizwicki,
Vice President
Medlin Communications, Inc.
 A Business  Snapshot

Consulting and marketing services to accelerate profitable growth for small to mid-sized B2B, Business Services, Professional Services and Technology Services companies.

Our Team

Pragmatic, hardworking professionals who have been involved in building and growing businesses since the days when IBM thought the personal computer was a silly idea. We have an avid interest in learning about your business and making pivotal improvements that impact revenue, growth and profit.

Our Culture

Practical, anti-fluff, and goal-oriented. We have an appreciation for every client we serve and feel a genuine respect for stressed out  executive teams, tight budgets – and share a focus on bottom line results.

Our Geography

Our clients are located within a 150-mile radius of Chicago.