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Here at Marketplace Partners we have a strong commitment to thought leadership–we call it INSIGHT-and to sharing our ideas and resources with clients, colleagues and partners. We have organized our INSIGHT into Briefings and Resources.


In our Briefings you will find our independent perspectives, our firm’s point of view, and useful thought leadership on a variety of topics related to the Services Businesses sector. See our briefings selections in the sidebar.

Useful Resources

You will also find other helpful resources i.e., links to websites, recommended articles and publications and more.

Handy Websites

PR Newswire: www.prnewswire.com
Chicago Business:www.ChicagoBusiness.com
American Marketing Association: www.chicagoama.org
IT Services Marketing Assoc.: www.itsma.org
IL Technology Association:www.illinoistech.org

Insightful Books

From Selling to Serving, Casara
Selling the Invisible, Beckwith
The Discipline of Market Leaders, Treacy & Wiersma
Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Drucker



Business Briefings

Advice for the Networking Weary

Re-thinking Value Propositions for Professional Service Firms

Thought Leadership Drives New Business

The Power of
Branding: A Focus on Intangible Services

SEO: A Focus on B2B Services

Thought Leadership and Differentiation

The Power of Joint Marketing

The New Business Health Check

The Revenue Rat Race

PR-LiteSM Executive Overview