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Research about Blogs in the Mid-market Space Generates Interest and Controversy

Palatine, Illinois – Marketplace Partners President, Pat Palmer, announced today that the firm’s latest research into blogs and their perceived business value to mid-market business owners has stirred up considerable interest - and some debate.
Palmer says, “we were curious to find out which of our clients, colleagues and business partners are blog users. We wanted to dig into who reads them, views them as a good resource and values them. We were not only curious for own edification but to help inform our clients who are deliberating about new and additional approaches to marketing themselves.  So we pondered the question because, if you are going to put your company resources, time and dollars into a blog, it pays to answer that all-important question: Who cares?”

“During the first two quarter of 2008 we proceeded to conduct primary field research with 100 mid-market business owners.  Our findings are published as a business briefing under the title “Blogs: "Hot-air" or must-have business tool?” and a number of sources picked up our briefing for reprint”, says Palmer. And then the email, letters and phones calls started.  “It was amazing to hear the passionate defense of blogs from those who write their own blogs and/or are blog providers. The gist of their opinion seems to be that we are in danger of being “Neanderthal” for even raising the question of business value. And, the dozen of so business owners who contacted us said “thanks” for raising the question and providing some insight.”  We think this kind of primary research inquiry is important to client and adds value to our services, so we will be doing more of the same.

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