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Increasing sales - and ramping up more revenue - from current services, new services and new markets is a talent of ours.  We know What to do and How to do it, right down to adapting our expertise to your company style and available resources.

Fast Path Campaignssm

We know that getting new clients, as well as new business from current clients, is essential for success. We know our clients frequently face much larger competitors and lack those competitor’s resources. That is why our Fast Path Campaignsm service was created. Fast Path Campaignsm is a pragmatic marketing solution designed to jump start new business revenue using confirmed pipeline-building tactics. It is designed to help our clients reach C-level buyers in unique ways that are proven to be very effective. The service is fast and flexible and creates highly valued “reuse” assets that ensure a strong ROI.

Touch Point Campaignssm

This service is designed for consistent high impact, low-cost contact with clients, prospects and partners to build brand awareness and sales interest. This service is a low-cost, highly effective way to leverage our client’s “know-how” to greatest advantage. The basic components of the Touch Point Campaignsm service are content development, branding of the material and our special email program which is used to distribute and track campaign results – right down to who receives, reads and acts on your Touch Point Campaignssm.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation service leverages the strengths and benefits of our Fast Pathsm and Touch Pointsm Campaigns – and goes beyond. We help our clients fill their sales pipeline in a timely and effective manner. Designed especially for our clients who do not have (1) a complete lead generation process and/or, (2) lack the right resources to follow up on new business sales initiatives, we step in. Our senior level lead generation team can make contact calls to qualify potential prospects. We demonstrate the effective use of tools and methods to initiate and then track the sales progress – ones best suited to those who sell services. We use approaches that ensure timely action, build company and brand awareness, and nurture prospects not yet ready to buy. We also address cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Support

We provide custom services on an “as needed” basis that range from business coaching to identification of strategic partners, preparations to sell a business, support for raising capital—even becoming the outsourced marketing department for our clients. Our experience, expertise, and flexibility have proven their value to clients in variety of creative ways. The close working partnerships we form with our clients allow us to “be there” when they have unique or unanticipated needs.


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Our Client Says ...

“Getting the door open is the most difficult step when calling on senior executives. Your team designed and executed an innovative lead generation campaign that was just what we needed.  The experience, ideas and hands-on help you provided made a big difference.”

Gina Sandon
V.P. Marketing
Initiate Systems