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We help Service Businesses to achieve consistent profitable growth. Everything we do is specifically designed to the unique requirements of those who offer services—and that has been the exclusive focus of our business for more than a decade.

Our Perspective Makes a Difference

We strongly advocate viewing your services through the eyes of your buyers (and prospects) at all times. Their viewpoint is more important than your own–at least it is if you want their business, respect and loyalty.

We are experts at getting your key client’s (and potential buyer's) candid opinion about your business and services—and then we help you act on it in the most effective way to create new business.

We encourage our clients to pursue market-driven decisions. With our help, your business can quickly be on the way to important progress in developing and delivering differentiated services, jump-starting sales, ramping revenues—and achieving consistent profitable growth.

Why We Are Unique

Every year we have detailed, candid, confidential - and extremely valuable - conversations with buyers of services. We talk with C-level professionals who regularly invest in management and advisory consulting, IT services, financial, legal, insurance, real estate services and more. Our conversations include focused discussion about how businesses that are unknown to them can reach them, appeal to them and earn the right to do business with them. This highly specialized research greatly informs the work we do with our clients and reinforces our buyer-centric and market-focused point of view.

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Our Client Says ...

“We are experts at what we do. Marketplace Partners is expert at helping us make our business better. That’s a winning combination. We greatly value the partnership.”

Jack Hilty,
Managing Principal, SentientPoint, Inc 
Consulting and Training
Top Reasons to Work With Us — Client Ratings
This list is rated according to their collective view of the “Top Reasons” to work with us:

#1 We’re Focused
We’ve developed finely honed methods and tools specifically for our Ideal Target Clients - B2B Service Businesses. We do not serve other sectors.

#2 We’re fast
We know that getting results is extremely important and we have designed our services with that requirement in mind. We’ll even roll up our sleeves and help to implement projects.

#3 We’re Bottom-Line Oriented
We’ve been accused of being more frugal with our clients' budget and resources than they are.

#4 We’re Easy to Work With - We’ve Seen It All Before
We have worked in major corporations and we‘ve helped to grow smaller, entrepreneurial companies. We have served countless companies in every imaginable situation. We have years of practical experience and proven success; it gives us a solid mastery of what we do.

#5 We Respect a Dime as Much as a Dollar
Because our clients generally do not have huge budgets and unlimited resources, investing in consulting and marketing is a big deal. We respect the importance of making sure the investment pays off.

#6 We’ve Taken Out the Fluff We’ve made significant investments in our own methods, approaches and special services so that speed, affordability and do-ability are paramount in our planning and execution. You pay for our work and experience–that’s it. .